Hi there! I’m Sean Mullen, a Visual Storyteller. I love to tell stories. Video is my life. More accurately visual storytelling is my life. I’ve spent 20 years telling stories for Walt Disney World, Rampant Design, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club, Marriott Vacations, The United States Marines, The United States Army, The Army National Guard, the Wounded Warrior Project and so many more. You can see my IMDB page here: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0612048/

Check out my demo reels and examples of my shooting, editing, compositing, animation and visual effects work below.


This is my Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects Demo Reel.

Storytelling, editing, shooting and creating compelling video is my passion. Wowing the client, the director and ultimately the audience is the best feeling on the planet. From hard hitting in your face smash cuts to sweet personal moments I have the desire to tell every story that I can. My two favorite types of stories to tell are face melting (hard cuts, flash frames, all the choppy goodness) and heart melting (slow, gorgeous moves and all the joy you can handle). 

I’ve traveled more than 120 days at sea between February 2018 and May of 2019. I spent the entire time shooting, editing and developing stories. What did I come out with? 120 Travel Stories

Of my 120 days at sea, the stories I’ve been happiest to tell was participating in the Fathom experiences. Creating instruments and planting trees for a children’s music program in San Juan, working with amazing women run businesses, artisanal chocolate and recycled paper, in the Dominican Republic and helping restore the Grand Turk national museum. These are the stories that I’m happiest to tell, these amazing humans changed my life forever.  You can see a playlist below of stories that completely changed my life:


Like I mentioned above, I love to tell stories. Video is my life. After days or weeks of shooting it’s a wonderful feeling to bring in all the footage and start to form the story. Below are some examples of my editing styles and abilities. 

Long Form Editing

An example of my Long Form editing. This is the pilot episode of my Travel Series ‘Cruising with Sean and Stef’ a show that I edited and co-created.

Long Form Web Episodes

Another example of my long form editing. I co-developed a series of Travel related cruise ship tours that we call Ultimate Guides.

Travel Vlogs

Another way I love to tell stories. Daily Travel Vlogs with my own personal spin and flair. These are my personal spin on travel vlogs.

In this series we traveled to Europe and started to deeper develop our story telling.

Another example of my long form / episodic style editing. This is a series of daily travel episodes. Telling the story of each day.

Short Form Webisodes

Here is a playlist of examples of my short form editing. 

We create daily content for our travel channel. These smaller, shorter form edits show what kind of story we can tell in a short turn around.

Daily Vlogs

This was a personal challenge. I had to shoot, edit and tell a story about my life every single day. I did this for 150 days. This allowed me to understand looking for a story, shooting for the edit and setup needed for daily shooting and delivering workflow. Check out the playlist below to see my daily webisode editing.


Motion Graphics and Visual effects

I’ve been a VFX Artist and Motion Graphics designer since 1997. Below is a sampling of my work from as early as 1997 up to present day. You will see visual effects that I have worked on for Director Ryan Connolly and Film Riot as well as composites and designs that I have created for Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Rampant Design, Charmed, Ally McBeal, The Army National Guard, Chihuly, Hughes Supply and More. 


I performed the visual effects for an episode of Film Riot called ‘Force Push a Car’.

I had the honor and pleasure of working with Director Ryan Connolly on some of his films and was able to share some of the process.

For a decade I’ve been the lead designer at Rampant Design, Inc. I’ve created more than 500 products and promotional videos along with several hundred tutorials and training videos for Rampant. This includes the motion graphics and visual effects seen in Rampant content.

Here’s another example of editing, motion graphics and visual effects I’ve performed for Rampant Design.

Here’s a reel from 2012 showing the many types of projects I’ve been working on.

Here’s a reel from 2010 showing other projects I worked on.

Here’s an Attractions and Entertainment Reel designed for Walt Disney World in 2007. I performed the editing and compositing for this reel.

Here’s a spot I worked on for the New York Botanical Garden in 2007.

Here’s a spot I worked on for Disney Jobline in 2007.

Here’s a spot I worked on for Hughes Supply in 2007. I did all of the roto and compositing for the shots.

Free Training and Giving Back to the Video Community

I owe everything I know to the amazing souls who’ve taught me over the last 20 years. As a small way of giving back I created a series of free training to help other video creators in editing, visual effects and motion graphics.